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What is a IQ Club?

IQКлуб - это система для эффективного развития когнитивных функций у детей. Последние 100 лет идут исследования, как развивать способности у детей. Мы собрали лучшие методики, доказавшие свою эффективность, и упаковали их в красивую интерактивную форму.

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What do we offer?

Expand educational program
A variety of programs and forms of training

Our service allows specialists to use the latest technology in their classes. Since this is an online service - children can additionally study at home and consolidate the skills gained in the lessons.

A convenient and modern tool for teaching children
A convenient and modern tool for teaching children

The integration of our interactive form of education will help increase the interest of children and the effectiveness of classes. The results can be conveniently monitored online, recording achievements and receiving development recommendations.

Scientific approach
Scientific approach

Psychologists, teachers and speech therapists work on the creation of games and simulators, which provide an effective load taking into account the age of the student. The use of artificial intelligence technology allows to build a personal program for each child.

Parental access to class statistics
Parental access to class statistics

Thanks to various user-mode (specialist, child, parent) all information about successes and lessons can easily be viewed online from any device at any convenient time


Convenient student registration and viewing system allows teachers to easily navigate the service opportunities and track progress of individual students and the class as a whole.

Convenient tariffs
Convenient tariffs

We are ready to offer you the best conditions for using the IQ Club technologies in your classes.

Who is interested in it?

Wherever there are students and a teacher our project will become a reliable assistant. Especially it can be interesting to:

Where can technologies be integrated?
Happy students
Satisfied parents
Hours of development
Children and parents love IQ Club

It is really modern and convenient working tool

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