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IQClub is not just games, it's a complete methodology. Learn why our games are so useful.
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About us

The idea of creating a club for the intellectual development of preschool children and schoolchildren arose in 2015 as we launched the main service for adults. A large number of families registered on the service with children, but games implied an adult load and small users were helped by parents. Having received many requests for the creation of a similar resource for children, we decided to put the idea into practice.

Thus, in 2017 appeared IQClub. Here we will post games intended exclusively for children between the ages of 3 and 14. Games are aimed at:

  • memory improvement;
  • efficiency of thinking;
  • increase of ability to work;
  • emergence of interest;
  • increasing erudition level;
  • creative thinking development.

A team of teachers and psychologists worked on creating games for IQClub . The recommendations of speech therapists and methodologists were taken into account. All games are carefully drawn by designers-multipliers. They do not contain advertising and paid content, so they are absolutely safe. Games stimulate the development of thinking, contribute to the expansion of vocabulary, develop a mathematical and analytical mindset. For school children, games are useful in that they help improve memory and help in learning.

Our History


In 2014, a group of scientists from the Moscow State University launches a project , allowing to train different sections of the brain.

A lot of work

The project is actively developed. Now special courses for the development of memory, attention and thinking are opened.


The project quickly becomes popular among users and after two years passes the mark of 250 thousand users. The success of the resource continues to grow thanks to the effectiveness of the developed individual training.

IQ Club

Project BrainApps is developing a separate direction of its activities concentrated on working with children. The resource allows you to effectively improve the intellectual abilities of the child, the improvement of which is the most efficiently during the overall development of the individual.

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How IQ Club works

We in IQ Club came up with how to develop super-abilities with the help of educational games
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Irina Alexeeva
Irina Alexeeva
Мама двух дочек
After classes at IQ Club, my daughters became better at school.
Thank you so much for the project!
Marina Ivanovna
Marina Ivanovna
For me as for grandmother of 5 grandchildren, it is very important that they grow up smart. IQ Club will definitely help them.
Tatyana Lazareva
Speech therapist
I use the games from the IQ Club in my classes. The children are just happy.

Our star team

People who love their work.
Vitaly Kukharenko
Vitaly Kukharenko

He has built several Internet projects with an audience of more than 1.1 million users. More than 17 years of internet business experience.

Andrey Nosov
Chief Designer
Andrey Nosov

All the beauty is created on our website thanks to him.

Sergey Nikolaev
Technical support Manager
Sergey Nikolaev

Helps us to provide the best customer support service!

Alexander Vasilyev
Alexander Vasilyev

He headed the marketing department in Webmoney, now he is promoting our project.

Anton Baryshnikov
Anton Baryshnikov

Headed the development department of the largest site constructor in the Russian Federation. Now ensures that everything works well for us =)

Irina Alexeeva
Work with partners
Irina Alexeeva

If you have an idea of partnership with IQ Club - Irina surely will consult you.

We’re in IQ Club very sociable!

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