Brain games for children of age 3-14

For the development of speech, memory, attention, intelligence, reading and numeracy skills, getting ready to primary school and further successful study

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Rapid development

Modern children grow in an interesting and complex world, requiring them to constantly concentrate. Our games will help develop the necessary skills in different directions. Psychologists, teachers and speech therapists work to create games, which provide an effective load taking into account the child's age.

Parents are free, children are busy

The child's leisure needs to be carefully planned. Turning cartoons on and being engaged in daily activities is in the past. Now children are busy with useful games that develop their intelligence.

Without advertising and paid content

Our developers are in good faith to the creation of children's applications. There is no paid content that a child can accidentally "pay" from a parent card, and there is no distracting advertising.

Always with you

Waiting in queues, public or private transport will not be tedious and boring anymore. Developing games are accessible in any place where there is access to the Internet. The child spends free time effectively - that's what loving parents dream about.

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IQ Club is an excellent service that will be useful for teachers, parents and children's specialists. Interactive form of training will help to increase interest and effectiveness of classes. The results can be conveniently monitored online, recording achievements and receiving development recommendations. By implementing our technologies in your studies, you can get a convenient and modern tool for teaching children.